Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentine's Day & Daddy's Bday

Bryce was to the doctor at the beginning of the week with an ear infection and was finally feeling better. He was very excited to see what was in his bag.
 I think he was very pleased with his "goodies"
 Brielle went to the doctor the day before and was put on medicine for a sinus infection. She had a nasty headache so she wasn't quite as excited. 
 Bryce gave his classmates crayon hearts for Valentines Day
 Brielle gave bags of m&m's with shovels and tags that said "I dig you"
 I made sugar scrub for all their teachers
 The kids were excited to give Daddy his bday presents
Brielle wasn't paying attention
 Now Bryce is checking out Dad
 Finally a pic of my 3 loves all looking :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Saturday Basketball

Brielle started basketball at our YMCA 2 weeks ago. It is her first time to play so we weren't sure what we were getting ourselves into. Luckily she is playing with her friend from school and a familiar face always helps.
First day of bball

 Dressed and ready to go
 We got there a little early so she could shoot around and get comfortable. She got a little teary eyed when she realized her friend wasn't there yet. We eventually talked her into shooting with Daddy. She made her first 3 shots and then she was good to go!
 We were pleasantly surprised at how well she did
 we were very proud of her

 practicing defense
 Brielle and her friend Samantha
 waiting her turn for the dribbling drill, love this girl so much!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

December 25, 2012

We woke up Christmas morning to a room full of presents
 These are the presents Santa left
 The kids giggled when they saw bites out of their cookies
 Brielle got the "bouncy dog" that she so desperately wanted
 Bryce picked spider man out of a catalogue all by himself
 He picked this hot wheels track too
 going through their stockings
 Little Mommy baby doctor was another item that was wanted very badly!

Christmas Eve 2012

We started something new this year and decided to be home on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We LOVED it! It is going to be our new tradition. We usually celebrate with Jake's family on Christmas Day so they all came down on Christmas Eve to be with us. The kids decorated a few cookies for Santa and we let them choose one gift to open.
She wanted to make a really good cookie
 I'm pretty sure he ate more icing than he put on his cookie
 hard at work
 Seriously Brielle?? Bryce is posed so cute and that is the look you give me? Boy we need to work on smiling
 Opening her present of choice
 Bryce was excited for his gator golf
 Treats for Santa and his reindeer

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas in Fort Wayne

We kicked off our Christmas holiday at my Dads on December 22nd. With the new additions of Crew and Phoebe we are up to 12 kids which makes for a lot of fun! We just hung out all day in our pj's eating good food, watching sports, kids playing, and women talking. It was a great time!
The 12 grand kids minus Nico who was at home to avoid any sicknesses
 My 2 favorite guys
 Brielle and Gracie modeling their new princess outfits
 Brycey and his bud Coey
 these 4 were up to no good :)
 The whole gang
 Our family
 Next up we did our exchange with Camden, Cohen, and Crew
Brielle got soccer goals so she can play this summer. She can't wait for us to sign her up!
 Bryce got a farm train set....Thanks Aunt Shanni and Uncle Luke
 On December 23rd we celebrated with my Mom and Tim. This year we went to a local hotel that had an indoor play area for the kids and more importantly a pool! It was a big hit for the kids. We enjoyed our time together watching the kids play!
Bryce playing
 My Coey Beanie
 Brielle and Cam swimming away like little fish
 Bryce: "I will jump in, but you go first"
 Coey: "NO you go Brycey....Bryce: "Yeah right, hahahah"
These two are so funny together
 My little Crew.....I could just kiss him to pieces
 MawMaw, Papa Tim and their 8 grand kids
 Papa Tim and two ornery little ones